About Us


In 2012, we re-assed our priorities in life, and decided to make radical changes to enable us to live a healthier, more fulfilling and less hectic life which reflected our values and concerns about the environment and society!  We both liked the culture and vibe of the city, but didn’t like the pollution, overcrowding and fragility of food, financial and energy systems.  In 2013 we left London. to travel, learn skills, discover new ways of living and find inspiration and direction on a pathway towards an ecologically balanced lifestyle which was healthy for us, society and the planet. We kept a blog about our trip, which combined artists residencies and WWOOFing in the U.K. and Scandinavia, and can be seen at this site. We stayed with many inspiring people and places, and learned a huge amount which shaped where and what we wanted to do next.

We eventually found our new home on the Black Isle and have been working for the last few years to develop our Permaculture site, build a sustainable livelihood and contribute to networks wthin the local community. In 2017 we started Black Isle Permaculture & Arts (BIPA), an umbrella business for the poly-income generating activities which take place here.

Who we are

Clive Brandon

Artist & Grower

Clive is a gardener and artist , one half of BIPA, and volunteers at Moo Food, a project growing food and resilience in the community of Muir of Ord. He is studying towards a Diploma in Applied Permaculture, using the designs of The Warren and Black Isle Permaculture & Arts as examples for his portfolio. He studied Fine Art and is a practising artist, making paintings and collages inspired by landscapes, architecture, maps and our experience of walking and exploring.

Julie Plumridge

Grower & Maker

Julie has a degree in Environmental Science, and is interested in all aspects of ecological sustainability. Her many skills include gardening and growing, baking, brewing, cooking, food preserving, IT and admin, crafts such as knitting and crochet. She is also a volunteer at Moo food, a local community food project.