Diploma Portfolio

This section contains the design work we have used to develop our site and towards my Permaculture Diploma. The main design is for our house and gardens, and is a broadbrush design based on our observations during the survey and analysis stages We have distilled our design concept for the overall site as follows:

An attractive entrance leads to pathways coherently connecting diverse habitats and patches surrounding the eco-renovated house, where we grow food, keep hens, work, create, demonstrate, educate, receive and store materials, equipment, and yields, with beautiful spaces to meander through and relax. South facing lawned slopes move through rapid succession to an orchard forest garden (with perennial fruit tree guilds), and a poly-culture kitchen garden (with both annual and perennial vegetables, salads, and herbs), providing plant based food all year round. Woodland and marginal edges are managed to succeed at a slower rate through scything, coppicing, thinning, and regeneration, and provide shelter belt, fuel, food, materials, habitats, and leisure spaces. The succession of meadows and nectaries is arrested through sapling removal and sensitive management of dominant species, to maintain a diverse habitat for wild flowers, insects, and birds.”